Sync Store - Whats that?

Hi, I wa wondering what the new term sync store means? Is this a real file/ folder/ preference item on my drive and where is it? Can anybody help?

cheers W

The dtSyncStore is a real file on your system in a location specified by you when you do a sync. For example, I have a disk image for sync testing and there is a file created for syncing called SyncTest.dtSyncStore. It is a package file and inside are records of transactions, etc. related to the sync process.

It’s nothing I would go fiddling about with though.

@ Bluefrog

Thanks for the info. Just had the idea I could via this way get rid of the databases I’ve deleted and which keep re-emerging with every sync. I thought deleting some of the records there might do the trick and would stop the reviving of the trashed databases. But I issued a ticket… :wink:



I’ve tried to locate the dtsyncStore file on my System - out of curiosity, but could find only one version/ incident in my Dropbox app Folder. There seems to be none for the direct syncs (e.g. on LAN)! Is that supposed so by design?

Best regards W