Sync, Tiger, and What should I do?

What should I do?

I use the database with preferences “linked to originals.” I use “Import > Files & Folders” to get files into DT.

I add files (PDFs) to the original folders outside DT. I want to save docs as PDF, so Services doesn’t cut it. I haven’t tried reimporting because I dont want dupes. Is this what I have to use, because what I am doing is BEYOND a PITA.

What is the best way to get DT to recognize the new files? I’ve read Bill DeVille’s Jan 2, 2005 suggestion to use Action Import.scpt to accomplish this; however, Tiger is on my table ready to be installed, and it has the Automator.

Anyone with Tiger out there addressed this issue with the new OS?

I apologize for the chaotic thought process in this post, but I’m too tired to be clearer at the moment.

I use the script which prints a pdf directly to DT. Very quick and neat. The only drawback is that you can specify the destination group.