Sync timeout with DTTG 1.1

I don’t think that USB is where DEVON is headed with their sync solution.

Have you tried creating an ad-hock network as Bill described above? That would take the router out of the equation to debug your sync issue.

I’m now having consistent timeouts trying to sync with DTTG as well.

My User library applications support DT plugins folder is empty. I have tried creating an ad hoc network as well as my normal network. I have removed a few individual files that seemed initially to be causing the problems.

At one point the desktop crashed or hung and could not move forward. So I force quit DT on the desktop, then individually opened each database, did a verify repair (no problems found) closed each database, then opened all 4, verified that the Mobile Sync folders in each database contain the data I want to sync. Got the total size of each database on the Mac via get info on the files. Connected my iPod to my Mac and verified that I have enough space on the iPod to contain the databases I want to sync. And tried again and every time now it times out or crashes and I start the above process over. The crashes are consistent in happening but not at the same place or on the same files each time. I did send in one of the crash reports to support via bug tracker but no info or comments back yet.

I’m hoping someone else has something I can try. It’s not like it stops at the same file each time so I can try to work around it.

How many files are you trying to sync? I’ve seen similar issues with a large number of files; unfortunately, I haven’t been able to track down the root cause yet.

While inconvenient, one thing you could try is to sync a smaller portion of files at a time. For example, trying syncing 200 files, then adding the next 200 or 300, and continue until all files are synced (or it times out or crashes).

about 5000 indexed files

Did you try syncing files in smaller batches?

Yes, tried smaller batches but no success. Worse sync issue than that now though.