SYNC to dropbox

some databases sync properly – how do I solve this --1:31:40 PM: Sync: DevonThink 2013 → (Dropbox)

Could not read the receipt. The receipt may have been created with an outdated version of the Sync Plugin. Please clean the remote store and try again.

  1. Open Preferences (Command-,) and click the Sync tab.
  2. Choose a database that is being Synced and the Location you want to clean.
  3. Click the Action button (with the gear icon) and choose “Clean Location…”
  4. You will be prompted that this will delete the remote data. Allow it to proceed. This is SUPPOSED TO happen as you need to Sync with fresh data.
  5. Repeat this with each database that is Syncing via Dropbox, WebDAV, or local syncStore (this does not apply to Direct Connection Syncs).

(* This only has to be done once per database and by one machine. Once the syncStore is cleaned and Synced with the new plugin, other machines can Sync to the new store as expected.)

But after confirming that all records may be removed I lost all my documents (just installed Yosemity) I know there is something in the database because on another mac I can see the documents but on the mac I have installed Yosemity two databases are empty, how can I get my documents back??? :frowning: :smiling_imp: :imp:

Having trouble.

Import database from Dropbox yields msg: No database found.

Database names not seen in Dropbox/Apps/Devonthink/Databases

I see:

Whats going on?

Please start a Support Ticket.