Sync, tried for months, need help

My MBP has DEVONthink3 installed. I have two databases.

My iPad has DTTG and a global inbox.

I’ve set up Bonjour options on my MacBook Pro. I want to create a local network connection. On my MacBook options, there is a “mobile@ipad-my iPad name” should I click on it? It ALWAYS offline. Why? I’ve turned off firewalls on my MacBook.

On my iPad, I’ve turned off Bonjour. I made the mistake of turning it on but read so many posts that say turn it. If I go to add location, there my desired location (my MacBook Pro) is not there. There is just “CloundMe” “Dropbox,” “iCloud” and "“WebDAV”. What in the world am I doing wrong?

Please help.