Sync two files

Sorry, is there a way to sync two databases one one computer (not via Network wth two computers)

Would be nice if some know the answer

Please explain what you’re trying to do. Are you referring to Syncing between two accounts on one computer??

No, i want to sync the same database that has been used o two different computers, two installations.

This database has not been synced synce serverla months.

Now , there is 20 GB more in one of the databases, and i was afraid that via the network, sync will be very long.

So i copied the .dtbase2 file from computer 1 to computer 2, where i have now


Can i sync them with one DevonApp, and then copy it back two computer 2?

Technically, but you’ve created a less than ideal situation.

  1. Have the two copies in different folders in a folder in your Home directory on computer 2 and have neither open at first.
  2. Open copy 1 and Sync it to a Local Sync Store on the machine.
  3. Close the database and open copy 2.
  4. Sync copy to the same Local Sync Store. It should say it will merge the contents with the Sync location.
  5. I would then delete copy 1 as copy 2 should have pulled the changes from 1 and pushed its changes to the Sync Store. So essentially copy 2 is the up to date version.
  6. Close copy 2 and put it in a safe location (ie. a folder in your Home directory, like ~/Databases), if it isn’t already.
  7. Set Sync to Sync to whatever location you were previously using between the machines, so computer 1 will get the changes.
  8. Optionally, delete the Sync Store.

Thank you.
Don’t you think that this will be better than Sync via 2 computers via WLAN?

I remember endless syncsessions with a lot of questions (“use vers 1 or vers 2”), then wait again…
(This is one reason why i dind’t sync for months)

Perhaps the new sync engine ist better, and it’s really better to try again via WLAN?

I would not like to stopo syncing in the middle once it has begun, because this will, for sure, make troubles…

Please let me know

By the way, on another , new database, i synced via your new Drop-Box-Syncstore.

Thank you so much, this works really great! This is exactly what we asked for! :slight_smile:

(But not a solution for my actual problem as i know that 40 GB differnces via Dropbox-Syncstore will be very, very, very long with our Internet-Connection.
But it will be , for sure , a perfect solution for the futur databases. And thanks for the option “Don’t sync indexed data”). This was also one of our requests 4 years ago, thx!!


The new Sync engine is FAR BETTER than Sync 1.
WLAN is a term that gets misused, so I can’t comment on it. If you just mean a remote Sync, like Dropbox, that’s a viable option. If you’re talking about trying to Sync via VPN or something, that’s not supported.

You’re welcome but don’t just turn it On without considering the repercussions. For example, if you don’t include indexed content to Dropbox then import the database to DEVONthink To Go 2, you will NOT be able to download the contents… ever. There would be no content to download since you told the Mac to not include it. And no… DTTG2 cannot access your Dropbox account or the Dropbox mobile application’s content. (It’s iOS, NOT macOS.)