Sync using Dropbox

Hi, I have for the first time tried to sync my database using the latest Devonthink2Go app and Dropbox. While I didn’t find the set-up process or info particularly helpful or intuitive, I can see my database and some of its structure … so, I’m part way there. However, I’ve tried to complete a sync numerous times but only get through about 1800 of 3900 items before it crashes - not at exactly at the same point each time but probably within about 100 items. Grateful for any advice please.

How large is the database (see size and number of items/words of File > Database Properties panel on the Mac)? And how much disk space is still available on iOS?

Hi Christian, the database is 10.96GB and the available capacity on my iPad is 27.8GB.

LynneG66, I’ve had a lot of sync issues also, and I’m using Dropbox. What seemed to help the most was deleting and reinstalling the app. Might be worth a try. One of my databases has about the same number of items and had been churning away for almost a day. After the reinstall it synced in an hour or so.

Hmm, now it can’t see the database at all. Doesn’t help that the info about identifying a ‘sync store’ is vague at best. Thinking about transferring everything to Evernote :frowning:

Hmm, I tried re-installing the app. Now it can’t seem to see the database at all. I do hope that some better instructions will be posted soon.

Please start a Support Ticket.