Sync via bonjour then iCloud

Does it make sense to sync a new database with bonjour first, then switch to iCloud. Or should you just do iCloud and skip a bonjour sync.

The database would be available sooner on the second Mac and likewise changes if you should continue to use Bonjour afterwards. But the complete contents will have to be uploaded to iCloud anyway and the required cloud space will be the same.

I would ask if you need a remote sync like iCloud.

Bear in mind, all remote sync options have inherent weaknesses due to network conditions, server responsiveness, and bandwidth-throttling measures the services employ. There is no bulletproof solution when using a remote sync location.

I have always advocated using them when you NEED to. Just because you have a cloud account, that does not make it an optimal solution in all cases.

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I really like my iPad and iPhone being in sync, I use them way more than DT3 these days. I kinda live in DTTG so it’s an important app.

When it works (which is most of the time) it is absolutely brilliant.

I used to be a developer so I understand some of the difficulties with sync. It is a very difficult problem to solve. You guys have done amazing work.

Thansk for the nice comments!