Sync via direct connection has become inconsistent

About six months ago I set up a sync via direct connection between my iMac (host) and Macbook Air (client). It worked very well up until about three weeks ago. After I got back from a business trip (that I took my Macbook Air on), when I attempted to sync I got this error message:

“Could not open the connection (the specified host could not be found).” Both computers are on, open, and on the same network.

I contacted DTPO support and they suggested I delete the client from the Incoming Connections on the host computer, and set up sync again. I did that, and it worked.

However, I just got back from another business trip and experienced the same issue. Deleting the client and setting up sync fixed it, but this is obviously a pain to do on a regular basis.

Any ideas?

Regardless of DEVONthink sync, I’ve often had local network connection problems with certain machines. Before I use DEVONthink direct connection sync or ChronoSync or CrashPlan (each for different purposes) I try to remember to open Finder on one machine, click the other machine in the Shared section, and wait for the remote volumes to appear. 99% of the time this seems to force the connection and I know I’m good to go with the DEVONthink sync.

I don’t think it’s DEVONthink, over here, it’s just cranky machines.