Sync via icloud

I’m syncing via iCloud. I sync my data on demand (premium function) due to the GB shortage… When I am traveling around the delta data load is not working. (endless loop, via cell phone)
it works fine when I am on home WLAN.
Any suggestions

In iOS’ Settings > Cellular you can enable DEVONthink’s use, but that does nothing more than allow DEVONthink permission. There is no cellular data-specific code in our sync engine. And of course when you’re on your home network, in such a confined and controlled environment, your WiFi will perform well. In transit, you can’t expect the same kind of performance, and not just regarding our syncing.

Was not that but the is a 2nd setting iCloud Drive cell phone data switch was turned off.

Can you post a screencap of the setting for others to have a reference? Thanks!

Excellent. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: