Sync via non-wifi methods?

Hi, all,
I wonder is there any method to sync DTTG and DTP via non-wifi methods, like bluetooth or even airdrop? The problem is that my iPad and my Mac are not always online and not always in the same domain even when they are online. Adding another near-range sync methods can be helpful for my case.


Bonjour via Lightning cable is the only other option.

I don’t know it’s even possible! How can I sync via Lightning cable? I tried to plug the cable into my iPad but I still cannot establish a sync. Is there any switch to enable it?

Does this excerpt from the manual (also available in app) help:

Bonjour Setup:
Step 1: On the machine acting as the server, open Preferences > Sync and press the Bonjour Options button.
Step 2: Click Enable Incoming Connections to use this Mac as a Bonjour server of
its databases. Optionally, have closed databases open when a client initiates a sync.
Step 3: Enter a mandatory password. This password is required for other devices to act as a client of DEVONthink’s. If you are working with an IT department who has assigned a port for you, or you have a port you’d specifically like to use, enter it in the Port field. Otherwise, leave this blank and DEVONthink will assign one for you.
The Mac with Bonjour enabled should now be visible as a sync location to other devices on your local network. On the other devices, enable it, enter the password, and you can import databases or sync existing databases directly with it.


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Thanks for trying to help! However, I still cannot establish bonjour over lightning cable. The instructions you showed can work via local network, though.

However, I still cannot establish bonjour over lightning cable

It is unclear what the issue is here.