Sync via WebDAV doesn't work.

I cannot get DEVONthink’s 2.5 sync feature to work with a WebDAV share hosted on an Mountain Lion 10.8.2/OS X Server 2.2.1 server.

To rule out any issues with my database I created a new database and a new Sync Storage.

The sync starts but fails silently without any notification.

DEVONthink’s log shows the following two entries:

I attach the newly created (almost empty) DEVONthink database and the SyncStore file.

I had high hopes for the new sync technology and hope that these issues can be fixed pretty soon.

Sven. (22.6 KB)

Seems as if the reason for my problems were access permission issues with my WebDAV setup. I’m right now syncing my main database (3.3 GB) and so far it seems to work.



What settings did you use to make Mountain Lion Server work with DEVONthink syncing via WebDAV? It seems that out-of-the-box, OS X Mountain Lion Server doesn’t play nice with DEVONthink syncing…

  • Chris

Hi, it is quite straitforward to configure WebDAV for DTPO syncing.

Synchronisation settings:
Server: It works with an IP address as wel
Path: devon. Like in: /Groups/devon. My repository is named ‘devon’
Store name: DataBaseName. Name of the database on server
User Name: user. Name of user with read & write access to share ‘devon’
Password: *******. Credential of user
Port: 80. Standard port

And of course you should grant access from WAN trough your router to the server LAN on port 80 by NAT port mapping. Normally port 80 is one of the defaults to define.

This discription is based upon a standard installation of Mountain Lion Server. See graphic for details.