Sync with beta 3 Importing: WebDAV lacks, DropBox fine

Installed DTOP with Sync beta 3 in combination with WebDAV server on OSX Server. All OSX on 10.8.2 with latest versions of DT software. All works very fine!

Database is stored on the OSX Server (Mountain Lion 10.8.2) and updates by DTOffice Pro on every sync. So putting and getting database on WebDAV server works fine.

Installed DTP on other machine with Sync beta 3 in combination with same WebDAV server. Tried to import the synced database of the other machine but this doesn’t work.

All OSX versions on every Mac are the same: 10.8.2
All scripts installed
Terminal command executed on both machines
Machines: Mac with DTOfficePro versus Mac with DTPro
DropBox: both machines have acces tot DropBox and WebDAV by Finder

Conclusion: import database in sync plugin in DTPro from WebDAV server doesn’t work, import from DropBox works fine and updates with every sync.

What can I do and how can I find logfiles which support me with information about the syncprocess. Where are the logfiles?

Copied from a post I made in another thread a couple of days ago: