Sync with Box SSO

I am trying to sync DEVONthink with a company provided account. As the usual authentication is done via Single Sign On (SSO), I created a password in the account settings for apps that do not support SSO.
After setting up the sync in DEVONthink I get an error 500 - Internal Server Error. Is there a log in DEVONthink to analyse what went wrong?

Any other ideas how to get the sync with Box with SSO working?

That’s usually a temporary server error, you could try to access it later again.

Unfortunately not. The problem still exists.

Are you able to sign in to via a browser? Can you mount in the Finder (see menu Go > Connect to Server…)?

just found out that my company disabled WebDAV within Box. Is there any chance to get Box SSO support in DEVONthink?

There are too many potential services to support. If we add specific support for one, why not for all the rest? This requires not only time to implement and test the process, but also extra maintenance when the services change the API (which always leads to people angrily asking us “Why doesn’t Sync WORK?!??”

WebDAV is a good secondary Sync method for us to support as it’s not a moving target, like having all those other APIs are.