Sync with DEVONthink clipper

I have DEVONthink + DTTG syncing set up with Dropbox. There are perhaps 3-4 databases set up for sync. Largest has 600 items, but they’re mainly bookmarks and Markdown. DTTG has background sync on. When I’ve clipped any bookmarks or other items with DEVONthink clipper, it seems they almost never sync unless I explicitly open DTTG and let is start syncing. For instance, I may open DEVONthink in evening, notice the bookmarks I made during the day are not there, then I open the iPad and start the sync to get them through. DEVONthink is told to have a “push sync” of some kind, but is doesn’t seem to help here. Is there something on iOS preventing this from working? When I tested Keep It, it seemed to clip and sync items without switching back and forth. Or could it be that the database sync or check is so slow that it cannot sync the items within the time window given for background sync?

It’s quite hard to use DEVONthink as a read or process later application if I need to manually switch to the application and manually start and wait the sync to begin. Is it possible to at least create some workflow automation that opens the clipper and then automatically switches to DEVONthink? If it’s possible, then is it enough to quickly switch to DEVONthink and then go back, or would it require to wait for the sync at least start, press the cloud button, etc?

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The clipped items are indeed imported to the databases after launching DEVONthink To Go the next time and should be synchronized then.