Sync with iCloud using shared folder feature coming fall 2019

I currently use WebDAV to sync databases that I need to share with another person. We share the global Inbox plus one other database.

I use iCloud to sync other database between just my computers and iDevices.

I saw that Apple announced that this fall we would have the ability to share iCoud folders. Do you know if this would then give me the ability to sync my databases with the other user through iCloud like can be done with Dropbox. I would like to get off of the WebDAV server and move to iCloud, since iCloud syncing appears to be faster for me and I have a lot of space available there.

It is far to early to comment on this.

iCloud only seems to be faster as DEVONthink processes only the local copy of the sync store while iCloud performs all necessary up- and downloads asynchronously in the background (even while DEVONthink isn’t running), therefore the progress indication is not as accurate as the one of e.g. Dropbox or WebDAV synchronizing.


OK, thanks for that info, good to know. I have noticed that for my databases, the data shows up faster on my other devices when I sync though iCloud. Probably just because my WebDAV service is a lot slower I guess.

Looking forward to the fall to see if we can sync multiple users through iCloud. I would like to reduce my storage on the WebDAV server and reduce my bill to them!

Can I throw in one more question about sync?

I backup my computers using Arq to Wasabi. Any chance we would ever have the possibility to use Wasabi to sync databases.

Right now it’s at least unlikely as that’s IMHO the first request of its kind.

OK, thanks

@jdharper I also wanted to sync DT3 stores with Wasabi.
I got it working by creating a WebDAV server on my Raspberry Pi 4 which backs up the data to Wasabi.
So technically you’re still limited to available memory of your Pi but your data is always in sync with Wasabi in case your Pi crashes.

It works really well. I had a corrupted SD card but zero memory loss :slight_smile:

Nice! I’ve been looking for a project for my Pi 4, is there anything that little thing can’t do?