If I have a desktop, a laptop and an iPad, will sync keep all three devices in sync? Can I finally use DevonThink on all my devices and have them all kept in sync.

No. But the developers are working on a synch plugin to allow synch of a DEVONthink database on more than one computer. :slight_smile:

I think it is time for an official blog post from the company to let us know what to expect and when to expect it.

bump maybe? This feature will become quite important to me in the near future.

Please apologize that we’re a bit uncommunicative here at the moment. We are doing a lot of testing at the moment to iron out any critical bugs that we can find as we don’t want to publish something potentially dangerous or non-functional.

So please understand that we don’t want to give out a specific date that we might not be able to meet if we find something to fix on the last meters.

Only so much: all features are fully implemented and functional, and nothing except for bug fixing remains on the list for the 1.0 public beta milestone.

thanks for the update (slim as it is :slight_smile: )