Sync'd database encrypted on both sides?

I apologize for posting what I feel must be a duplicate question, but I can’t find any answer in the backlog.
I sync a database between two macs and an I pad. Do I have options for having it encrypted on both macs? On the iPad? (Two of these devices belong to my work, but they don’t need to see my personal stuff.) Thanks!

  1. One the Mac, you’d need to import the database as an encrypted database. This includes specifying the reasonable maximum size and en encryption key (likely to be the same on both machines to avoid confusing you, but doesn’t necessarily need to be the same).
  2. There is no per-database encryption in DEVONthink To Go. There is the Settings > Security feature that allows you to lock the applcation via a mandatory passcode and optionally FaceID or TouchID.

Excellent! Thank you Jim.

Ah, sorry. How exactly? I don’t remember seeing an option to import a database as an encrypted database. Do I create the empty encrypted database first and then import the remote database into that container? Sorry to be a pain, but my first step is going to have to be to wipe out my unencrypted DB on the other machine before I can try to reimport is as encrypted so I want to be sure I have the steps right.

You can do this from the action menu (gear icon) or when Control-clicking a remote database in the sync location.

And you’re welcome :slight_smile: