Synced iPad via Dropbox data store and the result is a mess

I have an instance of Devonthink Office Pro on an iMac with a single database sync’ed to a Dropbox datastore. I have then sync’ed to a recently purchased iPad and the result on the iPad is a dog’s breakfast. There are spurious groups, groups do not contain all of the documents as per the iMac DB and generally it looks like a horrible mess. If it does not replicate what’s on the iMac then it is of no use to me.

I hope this is not an application issue but a user error somehow.

Please start a Support Ticket.

I am not sure what to say in the support ticket. The resultant database contains so many issues that I would not know where to start. I will sync to the iPad one more time to make sure that the problem I am seeing is real and if so then I will attempt to create a ticket

If it goes wrong again, please create the ticket by sending email to support from within DEVONthink To Go. This gives us the sync log too.

I finally got back to this issue yesterday and the sync is now working perfectly. The initial sync worked fine and subsequent syncs also work fine. So I need to eat humble pie and apologise to the developers.

I think the cause of the problem was the fact that I had done the first sync from my desktop to Dropbox and tried to sync to the iPad before that had finished. I am not certain but on reflection it is the most likely cause.

Once again sorry for the inconvenience.
Martin Fuggle

No worries. Glad it’s working now. :smiley: