Synch Feeds Script not working

I think it worked, but now it doesn’t. I have like 10 RSS Feeds subscribed. Now, they only update when I go to every single feed’s folder. The Script is having no effect (well, it opens the “Synching…”-window for half a second). Any ideas what’s wrong?

Before you ask: I never already got the difference between Feeds (linked pages) and (html pages). Both seem to download an inidvidual entry as an html and store it in the database whether it changes or is long vanished from the feed or not.

well, same problem here

I’m having the same problem. Does anyone know what’s going on here? I added “feed” folders (I used tried both HTML and linked, though I think I want HTML), but when I select the Synchronize script, nothing gets updated. Also, when I once tried this awhile ago, I would get a text copy of the page imported into DT (this is what I want, not just a link), but I would also get a new copy of every page, including the ones I already had, every single time I tried to synchronize. What’s wrong with this? Thanks.


By default clicking on a feed group in vertical/horizontal split view and 3-pane view or opening such a group executes the triggered script.

Then the attached script automatically synchronizes the feed (only every 15 minutes) and therefore using the Synchronize script on your own should usually not be necessary (only if you selected multiple feed groups to synchronize all of them at once).

If a feed shouldn’t work anymore, you might want to check if the URL (see Info panel) is this still correct.

Ok, so you have to trigger the script by clicking through your feed folders on each new start-up?

That’s correct. Or select all your feed groups and choose the appropriate “Synchronize” script to update all of them. It would be also possible to write additional or enhanced scripts but that requires of course knowledge of AppleScript.

The feed URL is definitely correct - feed:// … mePage.xml - I put it in a different newsreader (Vienna) and it worked. Selecting the feed folder doesn’t doesn’t do anything, nor does double clicking it and opening it up. When I select a couple of feed folders and select Scripts>Feeds>Synchronize (HTML), a little window does come up, as if it is checking, but goes away very quickly and nothing is downloaded. Since it is the home page of the NY Times, there are definitely new stories to download. The info panes say that the script is attached [_Synchronize Feeds (Internal).scpt], but again, I get nothing.


I’ve just checked this and at least the latest build of the upcoming version 1.1 (fixing a few minor feed related issues) imports the news as expected.

What does happen if you create a new feed via Scripts > Feeds > New Feed (HTML Pages) using this URL?

A dialog box comes up asking me to Enter the URL of Feed. I enter it and a folder named “feed://” appears in folder listing (3-pane view) with nothing in it.

I do remember being able to do this back when I used Personal Edition before buying a license. Of course, at that point the problem was that I was getting multiple copies of the same text file being downloaded…but I’ll leave that alone I can get RSS to work.

Thanks for the help by the way…


Please use a “http://…” URL - scripting of DT Pro 1.0.x doesn’t like “feed://…” URLs but this will be fixed in v1.1. This version will also fix a bug causing sometimes duplicate news.

Cool that worked, though of course I still get the doubling up problem. I look forward to that fix, it is much appreciated. Before then, how do I get rid of all these duplicates quickly? When I tried the Find & Remove Similar Contents script, it only worked if I picked one instance at a time. When I selected the whole batch a box came up that showed it was processing all of them, but then no box about deleting came up after that.


One solution is to patch the script until v1.1 will be released. Open the script ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro/Feeds/_Synchronize Feeds (Internal).scpt with Apple’s Script Editor, then change the line…

if (not (exists record with URL this_link)) or (not (exists record at this_path & "/" & this_name)) 


if (not (exists record with URL this_link)) and (not (exists record at this_path & "/" & this_name))