Synch one directionally from I phone DTTG to Mac DTPO?

Is there any way that I can transfer files saved to DTTG on my iphone to my Mac DTPO but NOT vice versa? If I just synch normally I’ll have tremendous amount of stuff on my phone I don’t need there. OR… is there any way to arrange it so that articles saved using the mac/IOS share sheet system go by default to my DTPO as opposed to my DTTG? Thanks in advance – JM

No. Sync is bidirectional by design. If you sse the Global Inbox as intended, you can capture to it in DTTG, sync to DTPO, then move the files to separate databases that aren’t syncing with DTTG. Moving the files out of the Global Inbox in DTPO would effectively remove them from the Global Inbox in DTTG.

I hope that helps.

Thanks, got it.