Synched database shows up in Dropbox on web, not in Finder

I have a DTPO database on my hard drive synching to Dropbox.

When I look at may Dropbox folder in Finder, I do not see it. But when I go to to view my Dropbox, it shows up there, under Apps. Apps appears empty in Finder.

Why is this?

This is correct. You should not see anything in the /Apps/DEVONthink folder on your local machine. This is a byproduct of excluding the folder in Dropbox’s Preferences > Account > Selective Sync. Including it only wastes space and bandwidth by Dropbox transferring data it doesn’t need to.

Note: DEVONthink’s Sync does not use the Dropbox application at all. (In fact, I launch the Dropbox app on my machines maybe twice a year.)