synching databases

I know this has been covered many times, but I can’t seem to find the specific answer I need. I am working on two different computers, one at home and one at the office. The one at the office doesn’t have internet access (don’t ask!), so I carry stuff back and forth on a thumb drive. Can I just copy the database from machine A to the flash drive and thence to machine B, work on it on B, and then repeat the process in reverse to get the updated version onto B? Or am I better off doing as Bill has suggested: using the History tool to identify the changes and exporting them from one database, then importing them into the other?


Copying complete databases is of course fine as long as you don’t create the copies while DEVONthink is still running. It’s also recommended that you verify the databases after each transfer as flash isn’t that reliable and that the folder structure on both machines is the same (only necessary if you’re using indexed stuff).

Thanks for the response. I’m not indexing, so that’s not a problem, and I’ve always done the copies after closing DTPO. I appreciate the tip on verifying.