Synching encrypted an unencrypted database

I have a database which is syncing between 2 computers. I want to encrypt the file on my laptop but leave the desktop file unencrypted. What is the best process for doing this? Also, will the be a problem syncing between databases where only one is encrypted?

Thank you.

Assuming your laptop’s disk is not already encrypted with their “FileVault” technology or not good enough for you,

I’ve not tested this (away from computer), but will leave to you to try. Create an encrypted “disk image” on the laptop of size big enough to handle the DEVONthink database(s) and growth. Save them there. Open and close the “drive” when needed.

If this not a good idea for you, someone will surely speak up!

Actually this is natively supported.

Since you already have the database on both machines, you can’t merely “encrypt a database”. But do this…

  1. Delete the database from the laptop.
  2. Go into DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync, select the sync location, and you should see the database in the Remote section of the Databases list on the right.
  3. Control-click it and choose Import Encrypted Database. Give it a reasonable maximum size with a bit of extra space for unexpected growth and an encryption key. Ideally, save it in the Databases folder in your Home directory.

That’s it and no, there should be no issue syncing them.

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much better. once set up never go back to sync setup so not remembered in muscle memory!

That’s a good thing to hear though :slight_smile:

Same here, it’s been so long since I’ve had to look at sync I forgot how it works.

Glad to hear that too.