Hi Christian,
sorry to quote back at you like this but you said previously in an email:
"Yes, we plan to introduce synchronisation in v1.3. And things like See Also, Classify, Keywords List and Concordance will be much faster due to aggressive caching (and further optimisations)."

We are upto v1.5.2 and synchronisation is STILL greyed out in the File menu…does this mean it is just a promise or can we expect it soon.

Still love the software :slight_smile:

Yes, synchronisation will come in version 1.5.x (sorry but priorities always change based on user feedback and therefore it’s not there yet).

If the Standard Edition supports synchronisation, along with metadata and image capture (in addition to everything else), it will be a very powerful tool indeed. I’ve only just begun using DEVONthink with image files (you discover something every day…) and it makes many of the other 101 image cataloguing applications out there feel rather awkward and antiquated, even without the full feature support they offer. The only thing that would prevent me from swapping entirely is being unable to sync and update the database with external files, and to a lesser extent the absence of metadata. It sounds like these and many more great features are just around the corner, though.