Synchronising between two computers...

I’m thinking about using DEVONThink both at home and work.

In the manual it talks about synchronising between two computers by copying the contents of the DEVONThink folder between them…

This is OK but I imagine  bit of a pain to be constantly copying and I was wondering if there is some way DEVONThink can be set up to use the same folder on an external firewire hard disk?

I always carry the HD between work and home and it has all sort of other things on it like my email and NoteTaker notebooks etc.

I was able to set up one computer to use a folder on the external drive for DEVONThink. However, when I moved the drive to the other computer I wasn’t able to select that folder as the location of the DEVONThink database - the selection was just ignored (ie it remained set to what it was before).

Am I doing something wrong or is this not possible?


Copy the DEVONthink folder to your external hard disc and afterwards replace the folder ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink on all machines with an alias pointing to the DEVONthink folder on the external drive. Please note that this requires at least DEVONthink 1.7 - older versions do not resolve aliases.