Synchronising two databases via network


I have a question. Is there a possibility to synchronise two DevonThink-Databases via Network esp. WLAN? I have the same database on both Macs (working with Leopard) and just want the documents added to one of them also in the other. Up to now I have just copied the whole datebase to my external drive - but of course: it’s not a handy solution.

Does anyone have a clue?

Best wishes

Well there’s a product called DevonSync which claims to do this:

But other than that there’s not an easy way to do it, as the database is “opaque.”

Some of my databases are pretty large and I hate to copy the whole database between computers, especially if I’m in a hurry.

Instead, I’ll use the History view (Tools > History) to compare the recently added or modified items on two copies of a database.

For each computer, create in the Finder a target folder to contain the items that are not on the other computer. Then select in the History view those items and choose File > Export > Files & Folders, sending the export to that target folder.

The target folders are pretty small, rarely hitting more than a few MB in size, so they can be quickly transmitted to the other computer over a local network.

Finally, choose File > Import > Files & Folders to copy the transferred folder to its new database home. Now the two databases are equalized.

Important note: When the exports are done, DT Pro creates a special file inside each ‘target’ folder that retains the metadata of the exported documents, such as their Comment field content, the URLs of downloaded content from the Web and so on. When that special file is read in during import of the material each document receives its metadata.

Although this might sound cumbersome, I can complete such an operation in 10 minutes or less.

Note: This procedure works well for self-contained (Import-captured) databases. But users of Index-captured content would also have to move over the external files in the same relative Path locations, so that could be a very complex procedure. This is why I use Import captures (and avoid MS Word files).