synchronization / updated rtf not appearing

I am using DTPO on 2 computers running OS 10.4.11, and keeping them in sync essentially by sneakernet, since one of the computers doesn’t have Internet access. This has been working fine until now. I have a document I began on computer 1, then saved it into the database, which was then copied onto a flash drive. The database was copied from there onto computer 2, where I worked on the document some more. When I was done, I saved the database on computer 2, and then saved it onto the flashdrive. I have now loaded it from the flash drive onto computer 1, but it’s not showing me the updated version. I can see it in the History, with the correct number of words, but the version that opens is the previous version, with 2,000 fewer words. Any ideas? (I don’t have access to computer 2 until tomorrow; hopefully all the updates are there.)

I have a feeling this is not the best way of synchronizing. In earlier correspondence on these boards the consensus seemed to be that ChronoSync was the way to go. Is that still the case??


I’d definitely recommend getting network access for that computer. If it’s an old fart that takes an original Airport card, I have one that I’d be willing to send to you unless I somehow become convinced that it’s necessary.

I see database synchronization of any kind as an unwinnable game, at least right now.

I’d like to see in DEVONthink Pro(Office?) 3 a way to easily synchronize databases across the network, or copy content. It would seem to me that with being open source, and with the Bonjour technology, and the file-based (rather than database) structure of DTP 2, that this would be something that could be accomplished, at least on local networks. Hmm, think I’ll post this in Requests & Suggestions.

Thanks for the answer–and for the very generous offer of the Airport card! I actually have a refurbished Airport card installed in it (it’s an old eMac), but access to the network is tricky, because there isn’t always a network (I manage a Broadway theatre and our mired-in-the-last-century tech department won’t give us network access, so I’m dependent on the networks installed by individual shows.)

If I had network access, though, I’m gathering from the rest of your message that it might not help in terms of synching the databases. Don’t I remember people recommending ChronoSync? (I’m not a command line jockey, so the idea of using rsync makes me really nervous :blush:


Nah, 's definitely not for most people. I’d say that what you’re doing right now is about as good as it’s going to get.