synchronization via dropbox

When I synchronize via dropbox, the process is aborted after some files. error message: Groupname:file not found. repair command brings up nothing. How to proceed?
Best Kurt

In cases like this, I would do a Clean Location.

  1. Open Preferences (Command-,) and click the Sync tab.
  2. Choose a database that is being Synced and the Location you want to clean.
  3. Click the Action button (with the gear icon) and choose “Clean Location…”
  4. You will be prompted that this will delete the remote data. Allow it to proceed. This is SUPPOSED TO happen as you need to Sync with fresh data.

Hi, many thanks.
to your point 2: I chose the database but where is a choice for the location?
If I clean the location (i have the german version, so I think i have to click the field with the dented wheel, right?), then everything in dropbox will be deleted? and in the next step it will be replaced by the content of my local mac?
My setup is as follows: I have a mac at home, at work, and a powerbook. all are connected via dropbox. At the moment I have new contents in my macs, and I do not want to loose that. Does “remote” mean the content of the local mac?

The location is the Sync location in pane 3, ie. your Dropbox account.

All the Sync data for the chosen database in the chosen location will be deleted so you can Sync fresh. So, yes, it will be pushing fresh data from your machine to Dropbox. This only needs to be done with one machine.

“remote” is remote. “local” is local.

Hi, did as instructed, but now I cannot synchronize, as the “synchronize” tab cannot be activated via click?

sorry, please disregard last post! when I click “clean location”, then nothing happens, no prompt to confirm.