Synchronize between old & older versions of DTPO

The newest my G4 will support seems to be 2.3.5. I moved everything to my wife’s iMac where the version is 2.7.6. I see sync on hers, but not mine. Is there a way I can synchronize the databases between the two?
Or can I open the databases that are on her computer by our local network from my computer without messing things up?

Not in any real efficient manner. At best you could drag and drop replace from machine-to-machine.

Can you? Yes. Should you? With a nod toward safety, I wouldn’t.

  1. You’d have to make sure it’s not open on her machine before you tried to open it.

  2. What if your network went down while you had it open? Even more probable, what if she shut off the machine while you had it open?

What you could do, again making sure only one person opens it at a time, is store it on a(n ideally HFS+ formatted) network drive. I’m not a big fan of NAS’s (my personal opinion, so no flaming anyone 8) ) but I serve several drives on a small, powered USB hub connected to my Airport Extreme (get one if you don’t have one :smiley: ) and that is a nice cost effective and simple solution.

Thanks for the info! As usual, one answer triggers another question:

I have another G4 in our garage(hardwired) that we use for Time Machine backups and it has a separate drive that I use for shared storage between us. So if I moved the actual databases to that shared drive, I would be able to access them from both versions that are now remote? (Previous caveats acknowledged and likely heeded)