"Synchronize content of indexed items" - along with Dropbox

I’ve typically used imported databases, but am now incorporating the use of some indexed databases. I’ve read around in the forums, but am not 100% clear on two questions when syncing between two Macs and iOS:

  • if I choose to NOT have DEVONthink “Synchronize content of indexed items” in my database sync settings, but the indexed files themselves are being synchronized via Dropbox (or similar sync service), will the DEVONthink databases locate the correct Dropbox files on each machine? In my case, my home directory username is difference on each machine, so I don’t know if that will throw DEVONthink off. My sense from posts predating the new DTGO, is that I’m asking for trouble if I sync the content of indexed items, and also sync those items themselves via Dropbox.

  • if I don’t synchronize the content of indexed items via DEVONthink, but only via Dropbox, will copies of the documents still sync and be available in DEVONthink to Go?

I can try this out, but thought I’d ask first, before jumping blindly in and messing up my databases.

As long as the path of the Dropbox folder relative to the home directory is identical on all machines (e.g. ~/Dropbox), this shouldn’t case any issues. No matter whether the option is enabled or disabled. But if you want to view/edit the indexed files on iOS with DEVONthink To Go 2, then you have to keep the option enabled.

Remember, this is a very logical procedure.

If you don’t Sync the contents from the Mac to Dropbox, no contents would be available to download to DEVONthink To Go 2 when it Syncs.

Thank you, Christian and Jim. That clears it up.

No problem. Cheers! :smiley: