Synchronize Content of Indexed Items Question

Hello Jim and everyone!

I want to sync between 2 Macs that BOTH use the same Dropbox Acct. I currently Index my Teaching folder on my Mac mini… I do not have DTPO on my MacBook Pro yet, but I have the same dropbox files and acts. I want to use on my MacBook Pro now. For faster and less intensive syncing, I am considering unchecking the Synchronize Content of Indexed Items box… Is this a Good Idea?

It depends.

  • If you are running DEVONthink To Go, then it’s a bad idea as there would be no content to download when importing the databases.
  • If you are going to uncheck the option, you must have your local Dropbox folder in the same relative location on both Macs, ~/Dropbox is the default location. If you have them in two different locations, it will not work properly.

OK - Makes sense. Thanks… I dont plan on using devonthink to go in the near future.

2 Questions:

  1. Is it an either/Or?? Meaning, if I change my mind, can I check it in the future??

  2. Will the sync be faster??

Thanks again !

  1. Yes, you could turn it on after the fact, if need be.
  2. Likely but not necessarily… or at least not to a degree where your hat would pop off the top of your head in astonishment. :stuck_out_tongue:
    Text content is part of the metadata and you can’t underestimate its impact on syncing.