Synchronize not working?

I am new to these forums, although a long time DevonThink Office Pro user. This Easter, I downloaded and installed the latest version, DTPro 2.

After creating a new database, I imported a few files to test how this version works, much quicker and more responsive, thanks!

However, I cannot get Synchronise to work. If I add a file to the folder being used to hold the Test database, then sync, nothing happens.
But, if I delete and recreate ‘Test’ database as an indexed database, Sync works fine, going back to an imported database, sync wont work again.

Testing further, I removed a file lets call it A.txt from the actual files, then tried to sync, the database was not updated, still showing A.txt as an entry, although highlighting it gave the message ‘file doesn’t exist’.

I then removed the database file A.txt and then tried to sync. Finally, I replaced the A.txt into the folder.
This has now led to the situation where I have file A.txt in the actual file system, and an entry in the Test database for A.txt, but I cannot view this file as I still get the error ‘file doesn’t exist’, even though it now does exist.
Have tried importing, deleting and re-importing, etc, but nothing I seem to be able to do can get DTP to read this file.

I note that inspector has listed the path to A.txt as /path/A-1.txt and this seems unchangeable.

While I have not yet paid for upgrade, I do intend to do so, but would really like to have updatable databases, so any help on this would be greatly appreciated


Only indexed files & folders can be synchronized. Synchronizing imported/internal files updates only the search & meta data index if necessary, e.g. after a file has been externally edited while DEVONthink wasn’t running.

I tried an experiment with a folder. I indexed the folder then added a new file. Then synchronized. The new file appeared in the list. This is the behavior I want but I haven’t tried all the permutations yet. I will look for explanations about indexing etc, but any pointers will help.

This is a very important feature for me. I make extensive image collections and like being able to update the folder listings easily in DevonThink.