"Synchronize" script move broke triggered sync

If you’ve been using the triggered script “Synchronize” that resided in the application’s folder at Extras > Scripts > Examples, note that in the recent release of DEVONthink that the script has been moved to Extras > Scripts > Triggered.

The “Synchronize” script, when added to an indexed group (or document) in Tools > Show Info > Script (using the “Select” button), causes the indexed items to be updated when that group is clicked. IOW, it does what Edit > Update Indexed Items does.

Because the script was moved, there is no longer a script assigned to the groups – even though in the Info panel it looks like the script is still assigned to that group. You need to go to every group that you had attached the script, click “Select”, navigate to the new location (Extras > Scripts > Triggered) and re-attach the script to that group.

AFACT, there’s no easy way(1) to automatically find the groups in your databases for which the script is now broken. Look for groups that have the little “scroll” icon to the right of the name - these are groups that have a script assigned to them in the Info panel.

(1) Actually, there’s not “no way” to do this - one could write a script to locate groups with scripts assigned to them … maybe DEVONtech will post such a script for those who need to clean up this regression :wink: [/size]

I always copy the “Extras” folder from the download disk image to my computer’s drive.

As korm noted, the folder address change of the Synchronize script will break previously attached scripts in Index-captured groups.

Here’s a kludge to “unbreak” the path to the script previously assigned to groups:

Create in the “Extras” folder a new group that is named “Examples” and copy (Option-drag) the Synchronize script into the “Examples” folder. Then there’s no need to redo the Synchronize script assignment to Indexed groups. The only weakness is that this kludge will have to be repeated after each update in the future. Still, it’s less work than checking and reassigning each Index-captured group in the database, if you have a lot of them.