Synchronize to sync store via AppleScript

I’m trying to automate my import workflow using AppleScript but I can’t find a way to automate the synchronization with a remote sync store (i.e. Dropbox). Specifically I am trying to automate the import of documents into the global inbox and after the import is complete, synchronize the database with Dropbox.

The DevonThink Pro Suite AppleScript Library has a ‘synchronize’ command, however it appears that the following command only synchronizes the record with the local disk.

synchronize record incoming group

In my Sync preferences, the global inbox database is setup to sync hourly and when the database is closed. I understand that the imported documents will be synced eventually, but I cannot wait for up-to an hour for the changes to appear in Dropbox.

I have also tried to force the sync by closing the database, but to no effect. I am closing the Inbox using the AppleScript snippet below:

tell application id "com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2" to close inbox

Any suggestions appreciated.


Database sync is not currently scriptable. “Synchronize” is a command for indexing external folders.

Sure – I’ll add this to a future version of Sync. Possibly 2.6.2. Maybe the next one after that. It just depends on what my schedule looks like in the next little bit and what I’m able to do.