Synchronizing and database


I am trying out DTO2 and have two questions:

Should I create folders under the main Inbox (in the Globals section) or should I create a new database and use that?

Is there a way to keep a database in sync with a folder structure? I have a folder called “My Filing Cabinet” (okay, not really); I have exported my DTO database to this directory, and now it has all of the correct sub-folders.

I want to be able to add files to this folder OR to add files via DTO – and then have them synch’ed… is this possible???

Thank you VERY much for your help (and for not suggesting that I RTFM). :wink:

  • JDP

My own view of the Global Inbox is that it’s a temporary holding place, from which I move content to my databases. So I would create a new database, copy the content from the Global Inbox to it, then delete that material from the Global Inbox.

No, that’s not directly possible. If you were to Index-capture that Finder folder, there would be only one-way synchronization (via File > Synchronize in DTPO2) FROM the Finder folder TO the corresponding database group, but there’s no synchronization FROM the DTPO2 group TO the Finder folder. If you have added content to the Indexed group in your database, the only way to get it to that Finder folder would be to export it from the database to the Finder folder. Afterwards, File > Synchronize applied to the group will result in two copies of the new item within the group, one indexed and one ‘stand-alone’. (You would probably then wish to delete the ‘stand-alone’ items.)

In the case of an Import-captured Finder folder, once the import is complete there’s no synchronization at all between the Finder folder and the database group.

Generally, unless I’m sharing files with another application, such as a citation manager database, my own preference is to Import-capture files from the Finder to my databases. My databases are then self-contained and easily portable, and I’m not restricted to the organization originally set up in the Finder.

Thanks for the reply! It actually makes sense to have one “master” source… Thanks again.