synchronizing creation dates


i’m using devonthink pro to index (not import) a series of historical documents in tiff format, adding comments and classifying them. in order to make it easier to search, i’ve changed the creation dates of the files on disk to the original document date (say, February 10th 1952). but when i synchronize the entries in dtp the creation date in the database isn’t changed. this is most annoying, since there is no way to add a custom date field for an entry. the approach i used seemed to be the best to me (i.e. being able to look for documents by date) but unfortunately dtp doesn’t cooperate. anyone knows of a possible workaround?


Hi, Scotty. I shudder whenever I make the following recommendation, because user ability to reset dates raises issues for some things that may have legal implications, e.g., a laboratory notebook.

You can find a script to change dates at under the heading “Various Scripts”.