Synchronizing DT between a Laptop 7 a Desktop

I am new to DT and I am looking for a way to synchronize DT on two computers, that is, my laptop and my desktop. I would like to enter data (files, forms, and text) from both computer sources and be able to synchronize the databases on a sheduled basis.

I presently have DT set up with one database containing many PDFs, imported using the “copy files to database folder” preference setting.

I own a liscensed version of “You Synchronize” and I don’t know if this can be used.


If you do a search on the forum, you will find many discussions about data synchronization.

I would be cautious about using your existing You Synchronize software, as it probably can’t make sense of the DT Pro database.

Wooden Brain has posted on this forum offering a test script for synchronizing databases that don’t differ too much.

Maria has posted about how she works with her desktop and PowerBook databases. She exports material added to the PowerBook to her desktop database using the History tool.

When I go on travel, I often copy my desktop database to a portable FireWire drive and run that database from my PowerBook. Then it’s a simple matter to copy the modified database back to my desktop computer on return home.

I’ve taken to doing something similar. I now carry around a cheap 1 Gb flash drive wherever I go, and keep my main DTPro DB on that. Both the laptop and desktop DTPros are set to use this file upon launch, so I just have to remember to plug it in first, before launching the app. I disable the backup to save space, but instead back up the files to my desktop every Monday morning.

'Course, if I had a really big DB, like Bill, I would probably tote a Firewire drive for it too, or perhaps an iPod. (Hmm… that’s a good excuse to buy one, isn’t it?) Mine is still rather lean and mean, at a mere 600 Mb – I try not to suck too many huge PDFs, QTs, or images into it.

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