Synchronizing DVTh Pro databases between 2 computers


i performed some searches but could’nt find a straight answer to the following question:

how do i sync my DVTh databases between my macbook pro and my iMac?

i just got myself an iMac, i’m therefore totally new to any sync’ing operation between computers.

i would like to complete the sync’ing operations between the DVTh databases at home, where i have both computers available on the same wifi network.

so my questions:

  1. is it possible to synchronize the databases both ways (when modifying a database on the iMac the macbook pro database gets modified and vice versa)

  2. if so, what should be done, i mean what are the steps exactly?

  3. would you suggest a third-party software to simplify the process (even with human intervention :wink: and if so, which?


  1. Yes, if you copy a database onto two computers and modify each copy differently, it is possble to send the changes made to each to the other.

  2. I do this by using the History view (Tools > History) to identify modifications since the databases diverged. For each database those documents are selected and exported (File > Export > Files & Folders) to a new folder in the Finder, Next, the folder containing the material exported from database A is imported (File > Imort > Files & Folders) into database B, and conversely. Metadata such as URLs and comments are properly transferred.

  3. You will find a discussion of ChronoSynch and rsynch on Eric’s blog, The Balcony. Also a mention of DevonSynch.

Note: As an experiment this post was made using an XO Laptop. The keyboard is too small for adult hands, but it’s a rather impressive little computer. I hope the project works out.

hello from a newbie
i was planning to sync by copying my database to a usb flash drive and then overwriting the existing database on my laptop from the usb drive and vice versa. or is this problematic for one reason or another? i guess when my database runs into several gigabytes it will be somewhat time consuming?

not to worry : i found my answer here! … php?t=5480