Synchronizing from DT to the file system?

I’ve finally gotten comfortable with synchronizing between DT and the underlying file system going from changes made in the file system to updating DT with respect to them.

Does it work the other way? I.e., if I create a new document/file or folder/group in DT is there a way to get that document into the file system? Likewise regarding renamed documents/files and folders/groups and edits to documents/files?


The 2.0.9 update provides a new contextual menu command to move groups/documents in the groups and documents from the database to an indexed folder. Right-click on a document or a group contained in an indexed folder and you’ll see a ‘Move to External Folder’ command.

Thanks, Greg. I’d prefer to copy, but If that’s not available I can always synchronize with the file system after moving documents out of DT.

Hmm. In addition to moving, you can duplicate and replicate – or it appears you can.

It’s not working for me. I tried both duplicating and moving. In neither case did the document show up in the location where I directed DT to put it.

Must be more to it than appears on the surface.

I’m not sure I understand what I’m being pointed to. When you speak of moving groups/documents “from the database to an indexed folder,” I took that to mean “to a folder outside the database.” But the moved/duplicated documents are showing up in DT, in the database.

Also, I do not see a “Move to External Folder” command. I see “Move To,” “Duplicate To,” and “Replicate To,” and then the ability to browse to the desired folder. I assumed I was browsing to folders outside the database, but as I say, the documents are showing up in the database, but not in the file system, not in external folders.

If you have indexed a folder or folders into DEVONthink, you can move new content (and new groups) out of the database into those indexed folders in the filesystem. As example, say I have indexed a folder (located in my Dropbox folder) into a database. I create content in that group in the database, and I want that content indexed in the database instead of contained in the database, because I want that content available from Dropbox. When I select that internal document in an indexed folder and right-click, I have the option to move the document from the database into the folder in the filesystem, and the document becomes indexed.

This command also has a converse-if I have indexed documents, I can import them into the database by right-clicking on them and selecting ‘Move Into Database’.

The Move To External Folder command is not available if the documents are in a group that is not indexed-you’ll want to use the File>Export>Files and Folders command for that.

That was the problem. I only thought I had indexed the folders in the database. When I tried it in another database, which was indexed, the Move to External Folder command showed up.

A question: This is a solution for new items, i.e., created in the database. What about renaming /groups/folders or changing the structure of a group/folder of groups/folders? E.g., moving a subgroup from one group to another.

I can experiment to see what happens, but thought I’d ask while I’m at it.

Thanks for the help – and the patience.

I’m not sure that I understand the part of the question about renaming groups/folders?

The command works to either a) export documents, or a group (and sub-groups) and their contained documents out of the database to an indexed folder in the filesystem, or b) import documents, or a group (and sub-groups) and their contained documents into the database from an indexed folder in the filesystem.

It will not rename groups/folders, or move one a sub-group of one indexed folder to another location in the filesystem. Changing the structure of indexed sub-folders or renaming indexed folders in the FInder will usually breaks the index link, causing the group to disappear from the database at the next sync.

Thanks, Greg. I think I had that happen to me, once. Not knowing what was going on it scared the &*%$ out of me.

You answered my question.


I have DTPO v 2.0.9, however, I don’t have the new contextual menu items to move into or out of the database when I right-click on folders and files in my database.

Does this have to be turned on in preferences or something?


Are you working with indexed folders, or are your folders in the database? The contextual menu will only appear when working with documents/groups that are contained in an indexed folder.

I realized that after making the post. Thanks for the quick reply though.