Synchronizing iMac and DThink

I’m new here so, greeting s to everyone.
I have a question: is there a way or technique to keep my HD and DThink in sync? (.e. when I create or change an item on the HD it synchs with DT)?

Thank you

What is “HD”?

I suspect you are want to use DEVONthink’s (is that what DThink is?) ability to “index” files not imported into its databases. Please read carefully, as indexing is not without its pitfalls for the unaware, the chapter “In & Out” starting page 52 of the current (version 3.8.5) and outstanding “DEVONthink Manual”.


I dont think Devonthink is designed like that because then it would be more like an alternative finder. I presume by HD you mean Hard drive.

I wanted to do this at some point but then I realised things were way better if you just go all in with Devonthink. Just put everything in Devonthink from now on. You can always get them out at a later date.

Thank you. I was just checking.
I think I’ll follow what you outlined

Welcome @Armando

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