DT Pro is a fantastic tool. Unfortunately, for someone with a VERY limited knowledge of Applescript it is very hard to automate certain functions. In my case I need to automate synchronization of some folders that I have in my database. As I understand it there are couple of ways to do that.

  1. Create a “Folder Action” script that will synchronize database whenever something is added to the folder.
    The problem that I see with that configuration is what if you have more then one database. How can you tell the script what database to use?

  2. Create a script to run within the database through the “Script” field of the “Show Info” dialog. According to the user guide that script will run whenever you view that item. That should give the ability to create a generic script that would be the same for all items needed to be synchronize.

All of this brings out a main issue for me.
I do not have enough experience to create ether of the 2 types of AppleScripts. If there is anyone with a similar script already created or someone who would be willing to create one for me I would greatly appreciate it.


Well, if you are using Tiger, you should take a look at the Automator actions and workflows. Some of the examples were made for this. No coding required.

I did look at the Automator options, however, while I can easily build “Synchronization” workflow, there is still no automation (unless I missed something). I still have to manually choose to run that workflow whichever way I save it in order to synchronize a folder with the database.
What I am looking is an automated synchronization that ether runs whenever something put into the folder or whenever I open that Group in the database.

Anybody has any ideas?