Syncing 2 DT databases

Is it possible to make syncing between two devonthinks (one on imac another on macbook air) over wifi based on same Mobile Sync technology as syncing with iphone/ipad. It already works with ipads with two-ways syncing and may be it can be easy impelemented for 2 DT on different computers.

No, it’s not currently possible.

However, as noted in other threads, a new Sync procedure for DEVONthink is under development, that will enable synchronization of Mac databases and provide local network and online network options.

is there any news about the ongoing of the mentioned sync service? i also have the problem to sync the database of my macbook with my imac.
if it will take some further time the question is if there is a workaround on that perhaps?

A bullet-proof workaround is to copy (closed) database(s) from the Mac on which the previous access was made, to the Mac on which the next access will be made.

Another approach is to cut the Gordian knot by settling on just one computer for database work. I find my MacBook Pro (Retina) with i7 CPU, 500 GB SSD and 16 GB RAM to be so much faster than my iMac that all the work is done on this laptop. There’s no need for sync.

Public beta 3 of the Sync plugin has been released for download on the Blog. Keep an eye on the Blog for any updates of the public beta, at

The Sync plugin is designed to allow sync of databases on multiple Macs. Note the warnings about using your working databases with the beta, and read the instructions carefully.

Hi Bill,
thanks a lot for sharing your setup and idea! i also did the workaround with opening and closing databases but now i have to find a solution to collect ideas with different familiy members for a project and i cant be sure that all use my macbook as other macs ar flying around :slight_smile:.
so i thought about doing all that stuff with a combination of pinterest, delicious and portals like that but as i love devonoffice i´d like to get this done with devon. so syncing might be a first solution and the logic following question is is there any way to get things into the cloud :slight_smile:
perfect would be a solution perhaps with a privat cloud like owncloud.
so did you think about a plugin solution perhaps to realise things like that ?

The Sync plugin for DEVONthink will allow syncing of database copies on multiple Macs via local direct connection or WiFi networks, Dropbox or WebDAV.

So yes, sync via the “cloud” is included. However, more testing has been done using Dropbox than other cloud storage services, as it is in common use. As is true for Dropbox, each cloud service is likely to have unique quirks, so that the Sync procedure would have to be adjusted to those quirks for reliable operation.

Thanks Bill for your lighning fast answer!
ok i read just at the moment the blog comments and googled a bit on the syncing. webdav is a good news as i think there is a webdav plugin in owncloud as well.
main reason is to keep things mor privat on own servers and dropbox is just a little bit open :-9. and second storage space on own servers is cheaper than having all that small contracts costing some bugs every month.
i´ll give it a try and will report on that as owncloud is realy a cool open source project and it can be setup by everyone very easy.
thanks for your work!