Syncing a DB to a WebDAV server via multiple connections?

What I am wonder is, if I have a DB syncing to a WebDAV server, can I create MULTIPLE WebDAV connections to the same sync store on that server from a single computer? Will that work ok, or will it lead to corruption of the database or the sync store?

To provide more detail:

I have a WebDAV server on my home LAN, which happens to run on a Synology box. It is accessible via https, and the Synology will only let me run the WebDAV server on port 5006 (for https access).

My home desktop syncs by connecting to the internal IP address of the Synology on port 5006.

When I am on my laptop outside of my home LAN, I sync by connecting to my external IP address. Because my workplace blocks many outgoing ports, I have to make my outgoing https connection to WebDAV servers on the standard https port (443). So, I connect to my external IP On port 443, and my router port forwards 443 to the Synology on 5006.

The problem is that when I am at home with my laptop, it cannot connect to the WebDAV sync store, because my router does not support NAT loopback, and so I need to make the connection to the internal IP address of the Synology on port 5006.

To do so, I would have TWO WebDAV sync stores set up, one to :443 and one to :5006, but they are actually connecting to the exact same sync store on the Synology (although of course only one can connect at any given time depending on whether I am on the home LAN or not).

Would doing this break the sync store or the database, or is the sync mechanism able to handle this kind of connection and figure out what to do correctly?

If not, is there another idea on how to accomplish syncing both when at home and when at work? The Synology does not allow the https port to be changed, and I cannot get my work environment to allow outgoing connections to port 5006, so those obvious solutions are not accessible to me.


Although the next maintenance release will improve the handling of such setups, it might be a better, faster and more reliable option to synchronize via Bonjour at home and via WebDAV on the road (assuming that cloud services aren’t an option).

Did you test this yourself? The worst that would happen is trashing your sync store. Unlikely, but it can be recreated. You don’t need to go all the way to the office to test the remote piece – just use a neighbor’s network or a personal hotspot to test that part.

It should be definitely possible and it shouldn’t even waste disk space or bandwidth as the sync store is the same and recognized via its internal IDs, not via its URL.

Thank you.

I was not using Bonjour syncing at home, because the database sync information is on the Synology, although I suppose the laptop could just sync to the desktop via Bonjour syncing and then let the desktop update the sync store, so the laptop can sync when outside the LAN.

In any case, since it sounds like having two separate WebDAV sync connections to the same sync store would work, I will give that a try. I’ll just save an archive copy of one of my databases and set up the sync just for that one database at first, and if it works set up syncing for the other databases at that point.