Syncing Across Devices

I really like Devonthink but as time goes by I’m increasingly frustrated by the lack of seamless sync.

I understand this isn’t an easy problem to solve. But the world is changing fast. Please press the accelerator.

Add my vote to this … As the poster said, sync is complex, and I really like DT but the lack of sync in DT is really getting old now. Evernote, for all it’s problems, is looking more attractive to me every day.

We’ve had hints but they are months old and no sign even of a beta or even what is being planned apart from hints about Dropbox.


Are there any updates from the developers regarding sync? I read late 2011 a progress update would be nice. :smiley:

Is there any new news on this? Sync between computers would be very useful.

Next beta is coming soon. Sorry for the delay guys, we kind of got surprised by some unexpected but necessary changes.

yep i would have to say that this has been a big disappointment - i was encouraged to commit to DT a year ago, seeing that a seamless sync was in the works, 12 months later, and it’s like we are still in 1998. the response of ‘soon’ is far from convincing, given the trail of promises etc on these forum boards. speaking as someone who has laptop and desktop, some respectful communication to customers, that offers projected timelines etc, would be appreciated.


I’ve gotta agree. OTA sync is essential to my workflow. I’ve been using Evernote in the meantime, but with every day DT gets further away as more data gets entered into Evernote. At certain point, it won’t matter anymore. I refer the reader to the case of Things, by Cultured Code. What was once a showcase app for OSX has been rendered a joke, and largely irrelevant. After nearly three years after promising OTA sync, they are finally in Beta, and now the users are clamoring for Siri-compatiblility, something CC will be unable to do quickly enough to make a difference. OmniFocus, while less elegant is more responsive and has had sync for 2 years, and already supports Siri.

Devon is a great product, but the development cycle is way too slow. Minimum Viable Product, guys. Get the good solution out there quickly, then refine it into the great solution later. If there had been basic Dropbox Sync, I never would have even looked at Evernote. If there had been a basic capture and forward app for iOS, you could have spent more time on DTTG to make it great.

Sure would like some sync.

I decided to take my chances with Dropbox sync, but I am getting messages about my database already being open even when I quit and shut down the only other computer I use. I could probably override the warning, but now I’m worried about corrupting the database.

Cannot agree with Ediamond and TimSydney enough. I’ve been expecting / hoping for a sync capability for ages, and the lack of one has caused me to leave DTP behind. Its frustrating because I really like DTP in other respects. But these benefits don’t exactly count for very much when documents still (still!) can’t be managed smoothly across a desktop computer and a laptop. The right thing for customers to do is look elsewhere.

Well, I really wish this feature will be implemented fast, for the same reasons others mention. Working habits are changing fast, and overtheair sync is now necessary.

While it seems possible to fiddle one’s Dropbox to put the database directly into it without much risk of corrupting it (?) this solution requires some virtual addressing, and is not available to all.

Please implement sync between devices.