Syncing and hard drive storage


I’m trying to figure out the best way to sync between DTP and DTTG. I’ve tried to sync using iCloud, but I’ve encountered the following problem: in order to sync, iCloud duplicates my database(s) and stores them on my harddrive. Unfortunately, the databases that I would like to sync are quite large, and I do not have room on my computer’s hard drive to store duplicates of them. Speaking concretely, I currently have 20gb free storage, and one of my databases is about 16gb. As I understand the process, if I synced the 16gb database to iCloud, an additional 16gb of my computer’s harddrive would be taken up.

Is this simply how iCloud sync works? Is there a sync option for devonthink that works just through the cloud, and doesn’t involve taking up additional hard drive space?

I have looked through the forums for supplementary information on this, but wasn’t able to find an answer to my specific questions.


DTSync is done locally, then iCloud uploads to Apple’s servers, then to devices using your Apple ID. The local sync data would be cleaned up after iCloud does its uploading.

Dropbox syncs directly to Dropbox’s servers.

Thank you. In that case, when should I expect my space taken up by my database on icloud to decrease? I am using DDTG on two devices, my iPhone and my iPad. I believe that my iPhone has downloaded my entire synced database, whereas my iPad is set to download files from the database on demand.

We can’t say, because iCloud has to do its own uploading. That’s a process over which we have no control.

Just a segue on what Jim said (I went through the same process, with around 50 GB of data in several databases). It will take a while, in my case, 2 weeks. Its just a whole lot to iCloud to chew on. In the end, it went pretty flawlessly. I just had to be very patient :slight_smile:


I am not sure though if getting so close to full won’t cause your HD/System issues. Would it at all be an option to attach a usb stick and have the sync be stored there? Jim?

@uimike: In this case, it’s technically infeasible to use an external drive with iCloud sync. We have to work within the parameters Apple has set and that is an Apple mandated location in the boot drive of the machine.

The same here. Three weeks have already passed, but my 22 Gb are still there in Mobile Documents of my SSD…

Maybe it has something to do with the indexing option when you choose to upload indexed items to icloud? Just a thought…