Syncing and indexing taking forever, should I remove some databases from my iPad?

So I am using DevonThink Pro and loving it so far. For me, I like being able to have a place as a reference and for my information. Yesterday I created a folder in DevonThink Pro on my Mac. It was called “Recipies” and contained the item I decided to meal prep yesterday. I grabbed the link and put it in a note in OmniFocus with the idea that I’d click on the link on my iPad and be taken to the recipe. In theory, it would work but in practice, the iPad hadn’t synced with the DevonThink Pro databases through iCloud. I swiped down to initiate a sync and even after several minutes upon completing the downloading and syncing, my recipe wasn’t there. It then was indexing my Evernote database as I’ll be eventually transferring all that to my other databases once I sort through it. I’m using iCloud for syncing. Is this a known issue? Should I limit the databases I have on my iPad for now? Any tips or solutions as it’s frustrating it interrupts a main use case I have for DevonThink Pro.

What’s reported in DEVONthink’s Window > Log or is there a triangle on the sync icon in the bottom toolbar of DEVONthink To Go?

Also, it’s quite possible iCloud, not our sync, has stalled. This is something that can happen and over which we have no control.

Hi, I checked it on my iPhone and all seems to be syncing properly. Would Dropbox sync be quicker? I disabled my Evernote database from syncing to mobile DTTG as I feel that was preventing stuff from syncing as it was too much going on. I checked and there was nothing in the logs reported as I’d imagine since everything got synced up last night or the day before then there would be no logs when looking now. In future cases I’ll look towards the logs to see what might be happening.