Syncing between computers running different DTP versions?

Here’s a question: I am keeping an old Mac Book Air with El Capitan - are there any issues with creating and syncing databases in there with my newer machine running High Sierra and a newer version of DTP?

Or, is it possible (haven’t tried it) to just install a recent DTP on the MBA with ElCap?

tx for any ideas,


Update… 2.10.2 is installed and running - apparently- no issues on El Capitan. Any gotchas I need to know from the OS being El Cap?



Webarchives made on High Sierra (and later) are incompatible with previous versions of macOS / OS X.

Ah, thanks Jim - guess I have to ponder converting webarchives to pdf vs installing HS on the macbook air…

You’re welcome.

In general, though - webarchives are not really very future-proof, correct?

Not like they used to be, no. Too much Javascript and dynamic content (and clickbait) in many popular sites.