Syncing between databases

i wish to keep a portable copy of my database and how do i sync it automatically between the two,ie the one on desktop and the other portable one?

You will find a great deal of discussion about that on this forum.

Personally, I don’t trust any automatic two-way synchronization approach to handling a situation where changes have been made to each copy of the database on two or more computers.

I use the History tool to identify and export from each database those items added or modified since a certain date, then import that material to the other database.

That approach may result in two or more copies of documents that have been edited independently on the different copies of the database. I definitely want that to happen, as I could lose important information otherwise. Then, if I wish, I can consolidate the different versions of a document.

By the way, my suspicion of two-way synchronization of material on different computers isn’t just about DT Pro databases. I don’t trust automatic two-way synchronization of any collection of editable documents produced by any applications. If edits have been made on both computers, the logic of correct synchronization gets very complex. So if the integrity of the data is important to me, I want to make the transfers in such a way as to avoid information loss.

The amount of “grunt work” involved in using the History tool to identify changes for selection and export is pretty small, but ensures that I will not lose important information.