Syncing between DevonThink Pro 3 and DevonThink to Go via multiple backends?

Hi guys.

I’m currently syncing DT3 to Dropbox and iCloud. I find syncing DTTG via Dropbox to be very slow, even though I’m not automatically downloading attachments.

What I’d like to do is use syncing over bonjour while at home with my Macbook nearby on the same Wifi network, and use Dropbox sync while maneuvering outside of my network.

Is this supported? Will DTTG navigate the differences between the two backends and not sync duplicate data?


Yes it’s supported and sync locations are insulated from each other, i.e., not duplicating data. However, even in your local network, Dropbox will continue to sync unless you manually disabled the sync location (which we would deem as unnecessary though possible).

So just to be clear…if I sync all my files via Bonjour, and then configure sync to Dropbox as well, it will only sync those file which existed in Dropbox but not via Bonjour, correct? In other words, it’ll only sync the differences, not re-download those files which were already synced?


I have Bonjour and a webdav server (Fastmail files) setup. During the initial sync on Webdav after a full Bonjour sync (all on iPad) it still takes a while but not nearly as long as the full sync over Bonjour that downloaded all items. My guess (and that is all it is) is that it is verifying checksums/signatures on every item (I have a total of 22k items).

Thanks. I setup Webdav on my local FreeNAS box, and so far syncing via Webdav is far faster than anything else.

Are you syncing to the FreeNAS from off your network as well as on it?

No…only local lan. I don’t expose my FreeNAS box to the outside world.